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Marketing Ideas to Help Your Small Business Thrive This Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time of year when people are more inclined to spend money on gifts and experiences. As a small business owner, this presents a great opportunity to increase sales and bring in some extra holiday cheer! But how do you make sure your small business stands out among the rest?

Here are nine marketing ideas to help your small business thrive this holiday season courtesy of the Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce:

1. Make a PDF gift guide

People love giving gifts, but sometimes they need a little inspiration. If you sell products that would make great gifts, Publitas suggests putting together a gift guide on your website or social media channels. This will give people ideas for what to buy, and it may even prompt them to purchase something they wouldn’t have thought of on their own.

Such a guide is ideally in the form of a PDF, which, because of file size and versatility – they can be viewed on most all devices – customers can easily view your guide and make buying from you all the more convenient. Also, by using this PDF page extract tool, you can select specific pages for different segments of your target audience, as well as reducing the file size of PDFs that are otherwise too large to share or send via email. 

2. Add holiday packaging

Make your products feel extra special this holiday season by investing in festive packaging. This could be anything from custom gift wrap to holiday-themed shipping boxes. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will grab people’s attention and get them excited about receiving your product.

3. Cherish loyal customers

Show your existing customers some love this holiday season by offering them exclusive deals or discounts. This will not only show your appreciation for their business, but it may also encourage them to buy more from you (and tell their friends about you).

4. Connect via social media

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers and create a connection with your brand. This holiday season, WP Swings explains the importance of being active on social media and sharing content that will get people engaged. You could host a contest, share festive recipes or tips, or even just wish your followers a happy holiday season.

5. Share useful content

In addition to engaging social media content, make sure you’re also sharing useful content that will help people during the holidays. This could be anything from decorating tips to gift guides for hard-to-shop-for people. If you can provide value for your audience, they’ll be more likely to remember you when it comes time to shop for holiday gifts.

6. Offer giveaways or contests

Everyone loves free stuff! Hosting a giveaway or contest is a great way to generate excitement around your small business and get people talking about your brand. Just make sure the prize is something everyone would want so you can maximize participation (and potential sales).

7.Host a unique event

The holidays are all about celebrating with family and friends, so why not host an event at your small business? This could be anything from an ugly sweater party to a festive cookie decorating session—the sky’s the limit! Not only will this give people a reason to visit your store or website, but it will also create lasting memories (and potential repeat customers).

8.Partner with other businesses

If you want to reach a wider audience this holiday season, consider partnering with other businesses in your area (or even online). This could involve co-hosting an event, creating joint marketing materials, or simply cross-promoting each other’s businesses on social media or in email newsletters. By teaming up with complementary businesses, you can tap into each other’s customer base and potentially boost sales for both parties involved.

9.Support a local charity

Giving back is always important, but it takes on new meaning during the holidays when so many people need assistance. If you have the resources, consider supporting a local charity this holiday season through donations, volunteerism, or even just raising awareness for their cause. Not only will this make you feel good, but it will also show your customers that you care about more than just profits—something that can go a long way during the giving season.

The holidays are an important time of year for small businesses—it’s when many companies see their biggest sales of the year! To make sure your small business is ready for the rush, start planning now and implementing some (or all) of these marketing ideas into your strategy. From creating festive content like a PDF gift guide to hosting unique events and partnering with other businesses, there are plenty of ways to spread some holiday cheer—and boost sales at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Get started today so you can enjoy a successful holiday season!

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