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McDonough County Public Transportation

About Us

McDonough County Public Transportation (MCPT) provides safe and accessible public transportation for all residents and students of the communities served by promoting independence, self-sufficiency, and economic opportunities.

MCPT includes the Go West bus system which runs through the City of Macomb daily and on weekends. Bus routes include Western Illinois University campus, and through the city to allow residents’ easy access to the most-traveled places. During Western Illinois University (WIU) school year buses operate later at night between Downtown Macomb, WIU campus, East Jackson and West Jackson Street.

MCPT Demand response services provide scheduled door-to-door pick-up and drop-off for seniors, the disabled, and others. The demand response services are based on reservations made 24-hours before a pick-up is needed. The MCPT central dispatch center call number is (309) 837-RIDE (7433). Reservations for this service can be made Monday through Friday.