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Forgottonia Brewing

Forgottonia Brewing

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About Us

Unforgettable beer made in Macomb, IL

Its name dates back 40 years ago to a social movement that tried to remind the nation that Western Illinois was being forgotten. Today, the new craft beer brewery Forgottonia Brewing is living in the spirit of that movement.

”[The Forgottonia movement] got a lot of attention. It got us Amtrak, highway improvements... So we’re just trying to respect that past and also build upon it.”

At Forgottonia Brewing we strive to offer quality house-made beer and non-alcoholic beverages in a safe, comfortable, and community-focused setting. A carefully curated selection of snacks will be available and outside food will be permitted.

You can expect to find six seasonally rotating taps of on-premise produced beer as well as house-made seltzer water. Each tap will stick to a family of beer styles so while you might not have the exact same beer every time you visit us it will be in the same family of beers.

Tap 1: Light (e.g. Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, Kolsch, Pilsner)
Tap 2: Hoppy (e.g. American Pale Ale & IPA)
Tap 3: Dark (e.g. Stout & Porter)
Tap 4: Belgian and French-Inspired (e.g. Double, Tripel, Saison, Grisette)
Tap 5: Sour/Tart (e.g. Berliner Weisse & Gose)
Tap 6: Experimental (e.g. Whatever we feel like)

Additionally, we will feature guest taps from other breweries and cideries.

We hope you will enjoy spending time with friends and family in our taproom with an outdoor beer garden.