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First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


About Us

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a welcoming place for all. All ages and stages. All ways of thinking and seeing the world. To us, all means all. This way of thinking is in the DNA of our denomination. Early church leaders adopted the phrase Unity is our polar star. At FCC we seek to uphold our heritage by welcoming and loving everyone.

In these topsy turvy times, we believe that love is key to everyday peace and calm. Between work chaos and busy family schedules (not to mention the disheartening news we see on TV and social media), life can be difficult. Our mission statement calls us…to receive and share God’s love. God loves us all so much. We have to learn, or maybe just slow down enough, to recognize the variety of ways God is
showing love to us. Once we receive this amazing love and grace from God, we joyfully seek to share God’s good gifts with the world.
Maybe you are looking for a no pressure kind of church with great worship, study and social gatherings—where all are accepted, respected and loved.

FCC is for you. We hope to welcome you soon so that together we might receive and share God’s love.

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