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MCSRA Program Supervisor

Posted: 11/08/2023


  • Must complete and pass a state background check.
  • Knowledge of computers and desktop publishing.
  • Professional dress.
  • Professional and effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to solve problems, make decisions, coordinate, evaluate, plan, and organize independently.
  • Job requires some physical stamina and time flexibility.
To be responsible for the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of services to participants and employees with disabilities and the provision of special recreation programs and services for McDonough County year round.
  • To organize a work schedule as to who will be working which events to the extent that they designate who is to be the Program Leader and who will be the Program Assistant for different events throughout the seasonal schedule.
  • To create, develop, plan, coordinate, deliver, and evaluate a full spectrum of the special recreation programs that offer a balance in the physical, social, cognitive, and affective domains.
  • To select, train, coach, and evaluate the Program Leader, the Program Assistants, the Volunteer Program Assistants, and all of the participants.
  • To periodically assess the participants level of satisfaction in programming and to supervise the Program Leaders and Program Assistants with their actions with the participants.
  • To schedule and assign transportation routes for programming and events.
  • To provide quality customer service to all patrons, guests, and other district employees.
  • To actively seek and develop creative approaches to inclusive recreation.
  • To develop and implement contracted specialty programs.
  • Maintain and inventory recreation supplies with purchasing recommendations.
  • To complete the physical and mental tasks that are required. These tasks included and are not limited to walking a great distance, assisting in feeding the participant if necessary, assisting the participant with their toileting needs, assisting the participants with their transferring into and out of seats, the vehicles, and stabilizing their walking, assisting the participants to fulfill their individual goals during the follow up of the event with the staff.
Special Olympics:
  • Generate and maintain applicable participant Records for Special Olympics
  • Local administrative functions in compliance with Special Olympics
  • Control and care of applicable equipment and uniforms and make recommendations for replacement and purchases
  • Effectively Coordinate Special Olympics events with Special Olympics Coordinator
  • To lead focus groups to assess the special recreation community needs and interests, in addition to planning and directing the community projects, special events, and educational programs.
  • To interact regularly with human service agencies, businesses, and associations to assess, develop, and evaluate the special recreation opportunities in the McDonough County community.
  • To develop and execute a cooperative agreement with human services, local businesses, and associations.
  • To serve as a resource for the special recreation program for related organizations and state and local governments and make presentations as needed.
  • To organize and maintain an annual budget
  • To develop and preserve individual program budgets
  • To develop outside funding sources, including grants, donations, and sponsorships.
  • To develop and maintain an updated program operational manual for programs.
  • To develop training materials for programming staff, assistants, and volunteers for the program.
  • To conduct regularly scheduled meetings with program staff by seasons.
  • To keep informed and up-to-date on current trends and related community issues and makes ongoing changes to the programs to adjust for success which includes seasonal brochures.
  • To prepare marketing and informational material for participants, agencies, and residents of McDonough County.
  • To maintain safety procedures and guidelines for facilities and equipment.
  • To maintain a working knowledge of departmental safety procedures. Attends safety training programs and in-service education as required.
  • To perform other duties as assigned.
A Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation or Bachelor’s degree in a related field. A CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) certification or ability to complete and pass the certification exam within one year of employment is preferred.

Education: Bachelors Degree