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Part-time Psychiatric Nurse

Posted: 05/31/2024

Job Title:   Part Time Psychiatric Nurse            
Canton/Macomb, IL 
Job Summary:  Provides nursing services to clients who receive psychotropic or other 
medications for behavioral health disorders.  Participates with psychiatrist in the provision of 
telepsychiatry services.   
 Responsible for providing medication education and monitoring to clients and their families.   
 Coordinates services with psychiatrist and other members of the treatment team 
 Completes medication education and monitoring for clients receiving psychiatry services. 
 Responds to nursing voicemail and requests for refills and rescheduling of appointments. 
 Monitors individual’s health status and changes relative to medication changes or changes in 
 Consults with pharmacist, outside health care providers and internal team members to assure 
coordination and continuity of care 
 Provides health education on smoking, obesity, chronic illness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles 
 Advocates for needed healthcare services on behalf of individuals 
 Uses technology to complete assessment, counseling, education and monitoring  
 Participates in trainings, meetings and supervision as required. 
 Completes Medication reconciliation upon admission, discharge from inpatient or medical 
*Performs other related duties as assigned.
 Completion of nursing school program with State of Illinois License as RN or LPN 
 Preferred experience working in behavioral health setting 
 Competitive Salary with potential annual increases