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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Posted: 07/09/2024

Why You'll Love This Job
The Licensed Practical Nurse is a member of the health care team who contributes to the implementation of the nursing process by providing care to resident in non-complex situations and assisting in the care of resident who are extremely ill.
Assist in the complete ion of the nursing admission assessment on admission or assigned residents
Utilizes the admission assessment for information in caring for each resident as assigned
Makes appropriate situation decisions with information received from assessments
Participates in the identification of problems on assigned residents
Assists in developing an interdisciplinary and nursing care plan on each assigned admission based on nursing assessments and identification of nursing problems.
Reviews physician orders on assigned residents prior to care
Encourages participation of residents/families in plans of care
Executes procedures consistent with interdisciplinary nursing care plans, the regulatory manual and the Petersen Health Care Policy and Procedures Manuals that are within the scope of the role of the LPN
Provides appropriate basic physical care to assigned residents
Administers p.o., sq, IM and topically administered medication with knowledge and understanding
Performs first aid measures in emergency situations and assists the RN as directed
Performs various nursing interventions as indicated, i.e., dressings, treatments, tube feedings, and suctioning, etc.
Assists with admissions, transfers and discharge of residents
Maintains order in resident’s rooms and other work areas
Provides for the safety and security needs of assigned residents through:
Appropriate explanations
Appropriate use of restraints
Maintenance of communication devices (nurse call lights, TV, telephone, etc.), proper equipment, utensils, transportation, total body hygiene, and basic comfort care measures including pain control
Utilizes all techniques of infection control appropriately;  hand washing, changing dressings, giving injections, applying isolation precautions
Provides for the psycho-socials needs of residents by:
Anticipating fears, worries, changes in lifestyle
Listening to and hearing residents/family anxieties and providing forum for venting or reducing anxieties
Assists with resident education as it is within the scope of knowledge and practice of the LPN
Assists in reviewing plans of care of assigned residents on a day-to-day basis
Communication Skills
Communicates with residents/families in a sensitive manner
Communicates pertinent information and seeks assistance regarding resident care as needed.
Contributes in a constructive manner in staff meetings and Resident Care Conferences
Consistently communicates in a manner that demonstrates a positive and cooperative attitude
Utilizes appropriate and professional body language
Demonstrates receptively through active listening
Consistently records on concurrent basis all observations, nursing interventions, medications and their effects and teaching activities indicated within the role of the LPN in the medical record and other forms as appropriate
Role Involvement
Performs responsibilities under the direction of the RN in a cooperative manner.  Uses time constructively and organizes assignments for maximum productivity
Participates in the orientation of other LPN’s and nursing staff.  Acts as a role model to these personnel
Attends staff meetings and in-servicing
Offers constructive suggestions to improve the system for delivery of nursing care
Requests and accepts constructive criticism regarding own nursing judgment or actions
Identifies and utilizes appropriate lines of authority within the organizational structure.
Manages conflict and frustrations in a positive and constructive manner
Role Development
Demonstrates support of the philosophy of the nursing department by adhering to policies, procedures and established standards of nursing practice
Maintains current knowledge in present nursing practice area, i.e. attendance of ongoing educational programs and continuing education
Demonstrates responsibility for own standards of practice
Reports to work as scheduled and on time
Adheres to facility policy regarding absenteeism
Avoids work related injuries through the application of proper practice techniques
Assumes responsibility for personal appearance through the Petersen Health Care dress code
Demonstrates respect for residents rights by:
Maintaining strict confidentiality of resident’s information
Responding to their right to information
Acting as a resident advocate
Providing for their privacy during care
Develops a rapport with peers and co-workers that is conductive to effective resident care
Integrates cost effective measure into nursing practices
Processes appropriate resident charges
Accepts need to float
Uses supplies efficiently
Is willing to work in a team approach to accomplish unit productivity goals
Change Process
Suggest areas appropriate for change in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude
Supports the change process in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude
Adapts to change brought about by external and internal force in a cooperative and mature way
Skills & Qualifications
Be of legal working age
Be able to read and follow written directions
Be able to communicate with residents and co-workers in English
Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general public.
Work overtime as necessary
Must possess a general knowledge and understanding of state and federal laws as they pertain to long term care
Graduate from an accredited LPN program
Current license in good standing in the state in which the facility is located
Must have the current federally required vaccines or proof of a valid exemption.