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Superintendent of Support Services

Posted: 01/23/2023

Full Time (M-F, 40 hrs/wk, occasional weekend/nights)

Salary: $35,000 – $49,000/yr

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Retirement, Vacation


    • Manage overall public safety for Macomb Park Resources
    • Maintain key relationship with law enforcement, animal control, and other agencies to resolve incidents
    • Problem solve current park issues such as vandalism and damage to government property
    • Ensure that all park district open spaces are safe, welcoming, inclusive spaces
    • Develop, plan, and continually assess emergency management and insight response plans
    • Manage nightly courtesy patrol team including training and scheduling
    • Supervise Ball Fore Manager and overview of the center 
  • For more info or for job application please visit our website

Education: Bachelors Degree